21 Aug

 The curb appeal of your home can be improved using many ways.  A green lawn is one thing you can do to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. Natural grass lawns have become more and more difficult to maintain over the years.  When there is a drought, water restrictions are enforced that limit you from watering your lawn.  Failure to follow the regulations in place leads to hefty fines.  An unhealthy lawn is also created when the weather conditions are adverse. This is why more people are switching to artificial grass.  Grass is needed for the backyard, areas surrounding the pool among other areas of your homes.   Those looking to achieve green spaces have found a better solution with synthetic grass.  The major concern with synthetic grass is its lack of a natural look.  This is, however, not the case.  Close inspection is the only thing that can reveal whether or not the grass is natural or not.  Although the cost of synthetic grass is high, it has a low cost of maintenance.  Below are the other benefits of Complete Synthetic Turf artificial grass.

Natural grass requires high maintenance.   Minimal to no maintenance is required with synthetic grass since installing it is the only thing that is required.  Constant attention is required with natural grass.  To keep natural grass in great condition, you need to ensure that is watered adequately.  Natural grass causes weeds to thrive.  For the grass to be healthy, these weeds must be uprooted. Natural grass also attracts pests.   The right insecticides and pesticides must be used to eliminate insects and pests.  All these activities done to maintain grass in great condition are time-intensive and costly.  Synthetic grass, however, doesn't attract pests and weeds will not thrive on it also. Since it's synthetic, you will not need to water it to keep it in good condition. Start now!

 Pollution is eliminated by synthetic grass.  Natural grass requires mowing. Since natural grass is constantly growing, mowing is needed to trim it.  To do this, you will need a lawnmower.  Lawnmowers tend to be very noisy when they are put to use.  Pollutants are released into the air by gas-powered lawnmowers.  Artificial grass doesn't grow and therefore mowing is not needed.  Insecticides and pesticides used in maintaining natural grass result in ground pollution.  Using these products exposes your family and pets to health risks.  Water is also polluted when these chemicals are washed into water bodies.  Synthetic grass reduces pollution in the environment. Discover more facts about sods at https://www.britannica.com/plant/grass.

When you water natural grass or when it rains, mud and puddles result.  Synthetic grass reduces mess.  This makes it ideal for use in areas surrounding the pool.  Synthetic grass offers these benefits and more.

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